BAPCPA at 10

Most Courts Still Refusing to Discharge Taxes from Late-Filed Returns

Novel theory fails to persuade Boston judge to discharge taxes from late-filed returns.

Chapter 13 Plan Ok’d with Balloon Payment for Secured Lender

Georgia judge parts with ‘overwhelming majority’ of decisions precluding balloon payments.

Chapter 13 Remains a Haven from Paying Support Even after BAPCPA Amendment

Try garnishment, not contempt, to collect support from a chapter 13 debtor.

Chapter 13 Confirmation Bars Garnishment to Pay Child Support

BAPCPA didn’t end all restraints on the collection of child support, Eleventh Circuit holds.

Expenses of Jailing a Child Are Dischargeable, Ninth Circuit Holds

Ninth Circuit employs a bankruptcy case to criticize local governments for ‘self-generated revenue.’

Involuntary Servitude Claim Raised in Involuntary Chapter 11

Did Congress make another constitutional mistake in BAPCPA?

Congress Did Not Abrogate Absolute Priority for Individuals, Five Circuits Now Hold

Sloppy drafting in BAPCPA puts individuals at the mercy of dominant creditors in chapter 11.