General Discharge Barred Suing the Debtor to Collect a Nondischargeable Debt

The Eleventh Circuit narrowed its Jet Florida rule that allowed suing a discharged debtor as nominal defendant.

Corporate Debtors in Subchapter V May Discharge Nondischargeable Debts

Only individuals in subchapter V of chapter 11 are barred from discharging debts found to be nondischargeable under Section 523(a).

Inability to Cover Accruing Interest Was Pivotal on Discharging Student Loans

Eligibility for an income-based repayment program is relevant only on the third Brunner test regarding good faith.

Unsurprisingly, Second Circuit Reaffirms the Strictures of Brunner

Second Circuit insinuates that “undue hardship” and the Brunner test are synonymous.

Bankruptcy Judge Helps a Debtor Who Couldn’t Defend a Dischargeability Suit

Bankruptcy judge had tricks up his sleeve to help a debtor who couldn’t afford a lawyer to defend a dischargeability suit.

The Outer Limits of Discharge Explored by the Ninth Circuit BAP

Deducting a loan to a child from her inheritance wasn’t a violation of the discharge injunction.

H.R. 1143

To amend the Truth in Lending Act to modify obligations relating to private education loans due to the disability of a cosigner or borrower of the loan, to amend title 11 of the United States Code to make student loans dischargeable, and for other purposes.