The Concept of Bifurcated Fee Agreements Approved on Appeal in South Carolina

Reversing the bankruptcy court, the district court decided that a local rule did not bar bifurcated fee arrangements altogether.

Long Island Judge Ends ‘Loss Mitigation’ in His Courtroom

No more informal ‘no-look’ fees in the courtroom of Bankruptcy Judge Robert Grossman.

Special Counsel with an Actual Conflict Faces Disgorgement of Fees in Delaware

Judge Sontchi set aside a prior order preventing the trustee from controlling litigation brought in the trustee’s name.

Costs of a Disciplinary Proceeding Again Held Nondischargeable Under Section 523(a)(7)

Seventh Circuit says that costs incurred by disciplinary authorities are not in compensation for ‘actual pecuniary loss.’

Second Circuit Expands Standing to Ensure Integrity of the Bankruptcy Court

The U.S. Trustee is not the better or the only party to uphold the integrity of the bankruptcy court, the Second Circuit holds.