New York Judge Splits with Colleagues on Redaction of Crypto Customers’ Names

Judge Glenn allowed the redaction of individual crypto customers’ home and email addresses, but requires the disclosure of their names and the amount of their claims. No redactions for business customers.

Although It Paid Creditors in Full, Eleventh Circuit Subordinates an Unauthorized Loan

Eleventh Circuit gives the bankruptcy judge wide discretion in subordinating debts and denying retroactive approval of loans.

The Pandemic Was No Reason for Raising an Investment Banker’s Cap on a Fixed Fee

The length and the effects of the pandemic were capable of being ‘anticipated’ and therefore provide no reason for modifying a fixed fee under Section 328(a).

Marrying an Adversary Doesn’t Mean Disqualification, Third Circuit Says

Following the Model Rules and erecting ethical screens allows adversary lawyers to date and marry.

Being Tossed Off a Committee Doesn’t Confer Appellate Standing, District Judge Says

Being removed from an official committee doesn’t harm the former member’s pecuniary interests and therefore doesn’t confer appellate standing.