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Govt. Claims/Sovereign Immunity

Ninth Circuit Sides with the FDIC over Ownership of Tax Refunds

An appeal in the Ninth Circuit did not reach the issue to be decided by the Supreme Court in <em>Rodriguez</em>.

In a Bankruptcy Sale, ‘Takings’ Claims Kick in Early

Federal Circuit upholds dismissal of regulatory ‘takings’ claims against New GM.

Recent Decisions Deepen and Entrench Circuit Split on Discharging Student Loans

Conflicting standards among the circuits warrant a grant of certiorari to define ‘undue hardship’ required for discharging a student loan.

Fifth Circuit Makes Student Loans Even More Difficult to Discharge

Fifth Circuit now says that student loans must ‘impose intolerable difficulties’ to be dischargeable.

Supreme Court to Tackle a Bankruptcy Tax Refund Circuit Split

Circuits are split on whether a tax refund presumptively goes to the subsidiary that created the losses giving rise to the refund.