Professional Compensation/Fees

Chapter 13 Trustees Are Paid Even if Dismissal Comes Before Confirmation, BAP Says

The Ninth Circuit BAP joins the minority on an issue that’s headed for the court of appeals.

Circuit Split on U.S. Trustee Fees Likely Won’t Reach the Supreme Court Until Fall 2022

Judge Hoffman sets up Sixth Circuit to opine on the circuit split regarding the constitutionality of the 2018 increase in fees for the U.S. Trustee system.

Fees Benefiting Only the Debtor — and Not the Estate — Are Compensable in Chapter 13

Section 330(a)(4)(B) is an exception to the American Rule and the notion that administrative expenses must benefit the estate, not just the debtor.

Contingency Fees Under a Trust Indenture May Not Result in a Claim, Judge Shannon Says

A standard provision in a trust indenture meant no recovery for the indenture trustee’s attorneys.