Refusal to Arbitrate the Validity of a Security Interest Is Tersely Affirmed in California

Are the lower courts out of step with the Supreme Court when it comes to enforcement of arbitration of disputes in bankruptcy court?

Arizona District Judge: No Final Orders in Preference Suits Without a Claim or Consent

Expanding on dicta in Bellingham, the district court in Arizona finds no power to enter a final order in a preference suit against a defendant who did not consent to a final order in bankruptcy court.

Court of Claims Rebuffs Puerto Rico Bondholders’ Claims of Unconstitutional Takings

Cutting off post-petition liens under PROMESA did not violate the Takings Clause.

Sixth Circuit Creates a Split: The 14-Day Deadline for an Appeal Is Not Jurisdictional

Impliedly overruling the law in five circuits, the Supreme Court changed the rules for deciding when a deadline is jurisdictional, the Sixth Circuit says.

Eleventh Circuit Finds Discretion to Disregard the Barton Doctrine

Is the Barton doctrine based on a lack of subject matter jurisdiction, or is it a prudential rule?