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Supreme Court Hears Argument on Constitutionality of Puerto Rico’s Debt Restructuring

The justices recognized the practical effects of the decision they will make on Puerto Rico and precedent that could undermine the governance of territories and Washington, D.C.

Failure to Raise a Stern Objection Violates a Lawyer’s Standard of Care

The lawyer whose waiver led to Wellness International avoided malpractice by the skin of his teeth.

Proceedings for Contempt Discharge Held Not Subject to Arbitration

Florida case raises the question of whether the Supreme Court will eventually give bankruptcy a general exemption from arbitration, or an exemption only for core proceedings.

Another Court Limits ‘Related To’ Jurisdiction Based on Indemnification Claims

W.R. Grace makes more law on channeling injunctions.

Section 505(a) Doesn’t Confer Jurisdiction to Determine Amount of a Tax, Circuit Says

Seventh Circuit splits with other circuits on basis for jurisdiction to determine the amount of a tax.

‘Close Nexus’ Test Doesn’t Apply to Liquidating Trusts After Confirmation

‘Conceivable effect’ test for ‘related to’ jurisdiction continues to apply to liquidating trusts after confirmation of a chapter 11 plan.

Immediately Withdrawing the Reference Is ‘Absurd,’ District Judge Says

Defendants in lawsuits by Lehman Brothers are stuck in bankruptcy court until the cases are ready for a jury trial.