Defamation and IIED Claims Are Not ‘Personal Injury Torts’

Section 157(b)(5) does not bar the bankruptcy court from trying defamation and IIED claims, Judge Thuma says, siding with Judge Bernstein.

California Judge Splits with his BAP; Subpoenas Require Court Approval Under Barton

Someone seeking to issue a subpoena to a trustee is the proper party to seek leave under the Barton doctrine, Judge Clarkson says.

Denial of Stay Modification Without Prejudice Can Be Final, Ninth Circuit Says

The Ninth Circuit answered a question left open by the Supreme Court in Ritzen.

Eleventh Circuit Again Predicted to Split with the Second Circuit on Foreign Recognition

Florida district judge explains why a foreign debtor isn’t required to have a presence in the U.S. before the debtor’s foreign representatives can win recognition under chapter 15.

Disregarding Scheduling Orders Can Waive Jury Trials and Objections to Final Orders

Sometimes, demanding a jury trial in answering a complaint comes too late to withdraw the reference.