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Trustee Allowed to Sue for Fraudulent Transfer on an Unenforceable Contract

Long Island’s Judge Grossman follows the Third Circuit by finding limitations on the Rooker-Feldman doctrine.

Third Circuit Expands the Flexible Notion of ‘Finality’ on Bankruptcy Appeals

The Third Circuit’s new opinion on ‘finality’ will be cast in doubt depending on how the Supreme Court rules in Ritzen.

LLC Managers Cannot Jettison Duties of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Arizona Supreme Court allows LLCs to sue managers and members for violation of fiduciary duties.

Failure to Appeal Confirmation Bars Claims to Estate Property, Fifth Circuit Holds

A plan’s declaration that disputed property belongs to the debtor’s estate must be challenged before confirmation becomes final.

Supreme Court to Say Whether Puerto Rico Oversight Board Was Constitutionally Appointed

The appeal to the Supreme Court may become moot if the Senate confirms the appointment of the existing members of the Puerto Rico Oversight Board.

Receiver’s Settlement Powers Aren’t Greater than a Bankruptcy Trustee’s, Circuit Says

Fifth Circuit overturns a settlement that barred officers and directors from accessing insurance policies.

A Nonparty’s Bankruptcy Isn’t Providing Ground for Removal to Federal Court

The right of indemnification by a bankrupt isn’t establishing ‘related to’ jurisdiction in federal court.

San Francisco Judge Slaps Down FERC on Rejection of Power Purchase Agreements

Judge Montali accuses FERC of a power grab to take the bankruptcy court’s right to rule on the rejection of executory contracts.