Sovereign Immunity Prevailed Because a Slot Machine License Isn’t ‘Property’

In Pennsylvania, a gaming license isn’t ‘property.’ It’s a revocable license that can’t be owned.

Concurrence Doubts Ninth Circuit Precedent Barring a Creditor from Enforcing the Stay

Two judges appointed to the Ninth Circuit by President Trump disagree about the ability of a creditor to enforce the automatic stay for its benefit or to protect the estate.

Judge Glenn Explains When Structured Dismissals and Comfort Orders Are Ok

Jevic didn’t ban structured dismissals when there is no violation of the rules of priority and the alternatives would create greater administrative insolvency.

Barton Protection Ends When the Bankruptcy Case Closes, Eleventh Circuit Says

Eleventh Circuit splits with four other circuits by holding that the Barton doctrine doesn’t protect trustees once the bankruptcy is over.