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ABI members have access to a wealth of online resources that can help them save time and money.  In addition to the ABI Journal, News and Conference Education Materials, members benefit from free subscriptions to the following products:

Law: The first personalized electronic Bankruptcy Code & Rules website, complete with bookmarks, annotations and links to relevant case summaries (provided by our site partner LexisNexis Matthew Bender).  ABI's online code and rules site is always up to date and provides the full text of the bankruptcy code and rules.  It's also mobile friendly so stop carrying that heavy code and rule book.

Volo: Volo provides members with summaries of new circuit court opinions within 24 hours of the courts posting them! Summaries include: citation, procedural context, ruling, factual summary, and the full text of the opinion. Easily stay on top of new opinions with our email notification system and RSS feeds - select to receive alerts of new opinions from any and all circuits that interest you. Drafting client alerts on new case law is easy with Volo.

Opinions:  ABI provides bankruptcy case opinion summaries of bankruptcy-related opinions issued by U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal since 2005.  Search more than 11,000 opinion summaries by keyword, relevant code section, court and judge.  Opinion summaries are provided by our partner LexisNexis Collier and are updated weekly.

ABI Law Review:  The ABI Law Review is the nation’s largest-circulation bankruptcy law journal, with more than 5,500 subscribers. Top students at St. John’s University School of Law edit the content, and Thomson West publishes it semiannually. ABI provides members access to ABI Law Review issues dating back to 1997.

Blog Exchange:  ABI's Blog Exchange includes posts from member's blogs in real time to thousands of readers each month.  The Blog Exchange is a tremendous resource to both promote members' blogs and keep up with trends in the profession.  As a reader, you can easily monitor interesting blogs from many authors in one place.  As a blogger, including your blog is a great way to promote your message to a wide audience.

GlobalInsolvency: A joint project between ABI and INSOL, GlobalInsolvency offers daily news headlines on insolvency developments around the globe.  Members can also access a Chapter 15 database of U.S. cross-border cases searchable by case name, circuit, judge and date filed.  New cases are added weekly.  Get all of your international insolvency information here.