Puerto Rico in Distress

ABI Analysis

A federal control board that oversees Puerto Rico’s finances on Friday approved a $12.7 billion general fund budget that contains increases for teachers, judicial employees and the U.S. territory’s public university, the Associated Press reported. It is the largest budget approved in the island’s history.

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board is considering slashing — by about half — the amount of new bonds it claims the island’s bankrupt power utility can repay, a potential offering that bondholders will most likely reject, Bloomberg News reported.

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board is amending its plan to reduce $9 billion of Electric Power Authority debt to reflect steeper-than-expected declines in energy consumption, Bloomberg News reported.

Barely a year out of bankruptcy, Puerto Rico’s top officials are descending on Wall Street in an attempt to convince global investors that the Caribbean island — long battered by hurricanes and fiscal mismanagement — is open for business, Bloomberg News reported.