ABI's active committees focus on specific areas of insolvency. Serving on a committee provides the opportunity to expand your professional network, strengthen ties with the industry, and develop a leadership role within your peer community. Each committee publishes a quarterly newsletter, plans educational sessions for ABI's large conferences, and hosts a variety of webinars throughout the year. Committees convene semi-annually at ABI's Annual Spring Meeting and Winter Leadership Conference, in addition to activities throughout the year.

Analyzes issues practitioners may face when completing asset sales in and out of bankruptcy, and best practices for successful outcomes.

Studies recent case law and the rules of practice, evidence and procedure, and connects professionals engaged in bankruptcy-related litigation.

Analyzes business reorganization cases, monitors developments in the restructuring industry, and provides reports, recommendations and relevant updates.

Serves as a resource for lawyers interested in the intersection of fraud and bankruptcy, including fraudulent transfers, bankruptcy fraud and Ponzi schemes.

Discusses various commercial and regulatory issues, including tax, securities, governmental affairs, employment, antitrust, UCC and environmental laws.

Provides reports and recommendations on the operation of consumer chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases, including viewpoints from the bench, trustees and practitioners.

Addresses issues with diversity, including racial diversity, within ABI, its leadership and our industry.

Studies how emerging industries, technologies and digital assets impact the restructuring and insolvency field, and how practitioners can navigate them.

Studies standards for representation and trends in professional conduct discipline, and identifies issues concerning professional compensation.

Provides guidance on issues that impact the financial advisor community, including valuation, M&A, tax, retention and payment, and fiduciary governance.

Studies health care insolvencies and monitors various sectors of the health care landscape as it pertains to attorneys, financial advisors and others.

Provides a forum for studying the interrelationship between U.S. and foreign insolvency laws, and their impact on international trade and financial systems.

Analyzes proposed and pending bills of interest to ABI members, and monitors insolvency-related congressional actions.

Focuses on mediation and other ADR methods that are applied in the bankruptcy process, including conflict-resolution skills development.

Analyzes issues unique to the reorganization of commercial real estate, including single-asset real estate cases.

Reports on issues related to secured transactions and claims in bankruptcy, including the relationship between the UCC and bankruptcy practice.

Focuses on issues relevant to unsecured trade creditors in bankruptcy and related proceedings, including maximizing the value of unsecured claims.

Fosters professional development opportunities for practitioners under 40 years of age and/or those with less than 10 years of industry experience.