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Why Creditors Keep Calling After Your Bankruptcy Discharge

After you receive a bankruptcy discharge, most of your debt is gone. Wiped out. Erased. Absolved. But it sure might seem like somebody forgot to tell a few collection agents that!

Located in Center City Philadelphia, The Law Offices of David M. Offen offers years of bankruptcy law experience. If you need help to stop creditor harassment, call our office today at 215-625-9600.  Having helped over 10,000 clients with Bankruptcy, we can offer the proper advice to immediately get bill collectors and creditors to stop calling you.

If you don’t owe massive debts anymore, why are they still calling? There’s a couple of reasons why debt collectors may call after your discharge.

1.You Reaffirmed A Debt

To keep your car or house in bankruptcy, you have to continue making payments on the debt. These creditors may ask you to sign documents committing to making payments on time and in full. This is known as reaffirming a debt.  Generally, our office is opposed to having our clients sign reaffirmation agreements as this creates a legal obligation on our clients.  Many creditors will allow you to continue to make payments and not take any action as long as you keep making the payments. Some creditors will not report your monthly payments to the credit bureau unless you sign a reaffirmation.

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A Guide to Divorce Before, During, and After Bankruptcy

Divorce. Most American couples swear “till death do us part”, but over 40% will eventually decide to break their vows.  Divorce is a messy business, often in the literal sense. Most couple’s finances are intimately entangled, including a great deal of shared debts incurred with the assumption of two incomes.

Messy finances can be a stress leading to divorce, and trying to maintain the spending of a marital lifestyle after divorce can lead to rapidly mounting debt. This guide will explain what role bankruptcy can play to resolve a personal financial crises leading to or stemming from a divorce.

This guide is written for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for personal legal counsel and reading it does not create an attorney-client relationship with The Law Offices of David M. Offen. If you do have questions about filing bankruptcy, call David M. Offen at (215) 625-9600 to get answers or schedule a consultation with him

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Financial institutions are in the midst of a digital revolution due to emerging, innovative technologies and shifts in consumer behavior and expectations. Payment processing is no exception.

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Christopher Myers will retire as president and chief executive of CVB next spring, and the California bank says it will hire a search firm to begin seeking his replacement.

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social security scam


The latest variety of tax scam picked the wrong target when they called my fellow bankruptcy lawyer Wayne Silver.

Your social security number has been suspended, claimed the caller.

Having no identity is scary. What’s a guy to do without a Social Security number?

It’s sad that we are reduced to needing a number to validate who we are.  But without a Social Security number, an American is virtually no body.

And that’s what the scammer counted on when he called Wayne, and doubtless thousands of others.

The phone message claimed that because of “suspicious activity” on his Social Security number, it was being “suspended”.

If Wayne wanted to know more about the situation, he could call the number provided.

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magnifying_glass openclipartOne of the first questions a bankruptcy trustee will ask you at the hearing in your bankruptcy case is:  did you read the schedules before you signed them?

The obvious, and expected, answer is YES.

And if your answer is “yes”, then the trustee can conclude that you stand behind the information that the schedules contain.

You signed them under penalty of perjury, after all.

But did you really read them?

Let’s talk about it.

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Yesterday, the SEC Division of Corporation Finance hosted a roundtable on the impact of short-termism on U.S. capital markets and whether modifications should be made to the reporting system to address these impacts. In December, the SEC published a request for comment on these topics, specifically with respect to earnings releases and quarterly reports. At yesterday’s roundtable, the SEC reiterated that the comment period is still currently open. The roundtable was comprised of  two panels, both featuring a variety of market participants including investors, issuers, attorneys, accountants, academics and governance experts. Panelists voiced their own perspectives and opinions, in representing their respective fields and interests.
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New tech-focused programs for employees can help banks evolve from within.

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Finance ministers call for tight regulation of cybercurrencies; Williams says the Fed must “act quickly to lower rates at the first sign of economic distress.”

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9 hours 13 min ago

As budget questions loom over the most popular Small Business Administration loans, lenders have embraced the previously overshadowed 504 program after a key policy tweak.

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19 hours 29 min ago

Flybits is building a marketplace to connect banks with third parties that might want to share data across channels.

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19 hours 36 min ago

Readers react to House lawmakers attempting to overhaul the credit bureaus, express sarcasm to the Senate Banking Committee eyeing cannabis banking, criticize Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plans to overhaul Wall Street and more.

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CrossFirst Bankshares intends to use its share of the proceeds for general corporate purposes, including support of future growth, according to a registration statement.

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22 hours 24 min ago

The McLean, Va.-based credit card issuer reported expense growth that rose faster than net interest income during the second quarter.

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23 hours 17 min ago

The National Credit Union Administration caught flak after it approved raising the threshold for appraisals on commercial real estate loans to $1 million.

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In a registration statement filed with the SEC, the company revealed new details about its financial performance and its growth plans.

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While executives at the Buffalo, N.Y., bank said they would take a closer look at spending, especially given the potential for interest rate cuts, they described investments in tech talent as an essential cost of doing business.

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The company, which announced the conclusion of a three-year-old credit card partnership with TD Bank, is shifting to digital financing of individual consumer purchases.

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The challenger bank startup will use the new cash to double its U.S. headcount.

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