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The bureau wants to further remove the threat of legal liability for firms that test products benefiting consumers, but the attorneys general say the agency cannot provide immunity from state law.

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2 days 22 hours ago

As robotic process automation expands into day-to-day lending operations, IBM is teaming up with UiPath, a startup that specializes in the new technology.

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2 days 22 hours ago

The agency began seeking comments in December through a "request for information" on how to improve the agency's process for considering new deposit insurance applications.

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2 days 22 hours ago

The vast majority of comment letters to the FDIC support the fintech’s banking venture, in stark contrast to the public outcry over the pre-crisis ILC bids by large retailers.

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2 days 22 hours ago

OceanFirst in New Jersey shuttered more than a third of its branches but says nearly all the customers stuck with the bank because it trained employees to show customers how to go digital.

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2 days 22 hours ago

The Salt Lake City company, which connects small-business owners with lenders like JPMorgan and BofA, plans to use the funds to expand its partnerships and customer base.

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2 days 22 hours ago

As the new year has begun, it is time to look at the bankruptcy filing statistics from the first part of 2019 as compared to the first part of 2018. This fact will dictate where we may be heading for the rest of 2019. As expected, total bankruptcy filings in January 2019 increased 5 percent+ Read More

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3 days 6 min ago

Filing for bankruptcy can be a frightening proposition if you’re concerned about the future of your personal property. You may be most concerned about whether you’ll be able to keep your car. Skilled bankruptcy attorneys get this question all the time. And as we try to explain it, we discover there are many misunderstandings as […]

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3 days 8 hours ago

Currently, student loan debt is the second-highest consumer debt category in the United States, second only to mortgage loans. The average post-graduate has nearly $40,000 in student loan debt, so it is vital to develop a plan that will help you to manage this debt and avoid going into default. Here, the student loan debt attorney Jeffrey Scholnick discusses six ways you can reduce your student loan debt.

Start Financing Early and Stay Ahead

To combat the accumulation of student loans from the beginning, consider making student loan payments while in college if you have the financial resources to do so. Beginning to pay your loans as a current student will help provide you a head start, and help you to avoid paying more interest in the future. In order to reduce the burden of interest payments even further, consider paying more than the minimum scheduled monthly payment each month.

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3 days 9 hours ago

SchiffmanIt’s that time of the year again. Don’t let the government shutdown fool you—the Internal Revenue Service and its computers are up and running.

Whether you’re looking forward to a refund or dreading a tax bill, most of us will be dealing with the IRS in one form or another. No matter which camp you’re in, it’s safe to say that nobody wants to be the subject of a tax audit.

How Does the IRS Decide What Returns to Examine?

If you’re wondering how the IRS determines which returns to examine, you’re in luck. The Department of the Treasury provides us with an overview of the process in Publication 556.

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3 days 9 hours ago

IRS form 1099tax magnifiedIt’s tax time and the mails are full of IRS form 1099.

If you managed a short sale of your property; suffered a foreclosure; filed bankruptcy; or settled your debt for less than you owed, you probably got a 1099.

But that’s not the end of the tax story.

Receipt of the form does not mean  that you must include the reported sum as income.

Please repeat:

mere receipt of the form does not mean you are necessarily paying taxes on that money.

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3 days 10 hours ago

Undercover cops arrested a Miami Beach man for trying to sell bitcoin for dollars. Carlton Fields attorney Matthew Kohen explains what the case means to banks.

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3 days 10 hours ago

The installment lender, which bills itself as an alternative to payday lenders, targets underserved communities and operates through a network of retail partners.

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3 days 10 hours ago

The possible replacement for Libor's volatility raises concern about its viability; new Fed governor says community banks punished for crisis the did not cause.

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3 days 10 hours ago

Citigroup's venture capital arm is investing in technology that provides real-time analysis of millions of consumers' card transactions.

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3 days 10 hours ago

At a hearing in Wilmington in front of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross, Angel Medical said issues heading into the confirmation hearing were resolved and a creditor that had rejected the plan changed its vote after it was revised to give a subordinated class of creditors a chance to seek preferred shares in the reorganized company.

Angel Medical Systems is represented by Jeffrey R. Waxman and Eric J. Monzo of Morris James LLP, and Joseph R. Sgroi and Glenn S. Walter of Honigman LLP.

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3 days 10 hours ago

Over the last 12 months Squire Patton Boggs have been involved in video interviews and roundtable meetings with experts from our global network of business leaders, to enable us to provide guidance to our clients on the economic and political issues they are likely to face in trading internationally post Brexit. The key jurisdictions that we have looked at are the USA, China, the EU, India and the Commonwealth generally.

Links to the interviews and a summary of the topics covered are below.

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3 days 12 hours ago

Oh oh, some in the Senate are out to “fix” the student loan system.

student loan government fix

student loan fixable?

What could go wrong?

Senator Alexander Proposals

Never met the man, but he announced he will not seek a 5th term as Tennessee Senator.

Good, more than long enough for anyone.

And he wants to get big changes to the student loan mess out of the committee he chairs and passed by the Senate this year.

Smells like someone looking for a legacy.

What does he see are the issues?

“The questions I hear most often from students are, one, ‘Can I afford it?’, two, ‘Is it worth it?’, and three, ‘Can you make applying for financial aid and repaying student loans simpler?'” he said.

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3 days 19 hours ago

On Sep. 30, 2018. Dollars in thousands.

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3 days 22 hours ago