ABI Auto-Renew Policy

ABI Auto-Renew Terms and Conditions

ABI Auto-Renew is available by credit card only and can be applied toward membership dues, digital subscriptions and any additional optional items, such as INSOL membership, printed ABI Law Review subscription and donation to the ABI Endowment.

On or near the member’s anniversary date, the credit card payment will be taken, and the member will receive an email receipt confirming payment. Members will receive advance notification seven days prior to billing. Should a credit card be declined, the member will be notified by email, phone, or by an ABI Service Center representative.

The ABI reserves the right to change annual membership dues rates. Members will receive notification regarding dues adjustments prior to the next billing date.

Visit https://www.abi.org/member/profile/renew-options to review or modify your enrollment status and to make changes to membership records.

Members can cancel Auto-Renew at any time by visiting https://www.abi.org/member/profile/renew-options or contacting the ABI Service Center by email ([email protected]) or by phone at (703)739-0800. Following cancellation, members will continue to have access to ABI benefits through the end of the current membership year. Cancellation of membership may take place up to 45 days after the date the credit card is charged and must be requested in writing.

Rochelle’s Daily Wire Subscribers – RDW subscribers may cancel at any time without prior notice. The subscriber will have access to their subscription through the end of the 30 day subscription period. No refunds will be issued.