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ABC Update

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The American Board of Certification (ABC) is enjoying renewed interest this year. The combination of the CLLA Academy and the ABC has proved to be a strong mix—the support we have received from both organizations has been tremendous. The ABC has gained some highly motivated board members, and applications for certification in all three areas are coming in at a record pace.

The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Specialization has approved the merger of the bankruptcy law programs, and the ABC is actively seeking formal recognition of the merged programs in all states in either program was previously approved. Additionally, we have applications in process in California and Texas.

The leadership is very excited about the growth in the program and the overall acceptance of the ABC in the insolvency community. The first offering of the full exam, including all three specialty areas, will be administered in Chicago on April 6. The next offering will be on May 2 in Washington.

Exam Schedule

April 6

May 2
Washington, ABI Annual Spring Meeting

May 22
Cape Cod, Mass.

June 11
Traverse City, Mich., ABI Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

July 16
Falmouth, Mass., ABI Northeast Bankruptcy Conference

July 24
Amelia Island, Fla.

August 6
Hilton Head, S.C., ABI Southeast Bankruptcy Conference

September 17
Oak Brook, Ill.

September 17
Santa Fe, N.M., ABI Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

October 21

November 19
New York City

December 2
Tucson, Ariz., ABI Winter Leadership Conference

Please visit our web page at The new directory of certified attorneys is on-line, and the hard-copy directory, printed again as a public service by West Group, will be available next month.

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Sunday, March 1, 1998

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