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From the President Jun 1999

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I am blessed and, well, just plain lucky to be able to serve the ABI as President at a time when ABI programs and services are performing beyond anyone's expectations, and at a time when major bankruptcy legislation is working its way through Congress. My excitement is tempered only by the difficult challenge of following in the footsteps of past presidents, Deborah Williamson, Bob Fishman and Bob Zinman, who have presided over a "Renaissance" period for the ABI. Fortunately these leaders, along with the ABI staff, the Board of Directors, and you, the members, have established a rock-solid foundation upon which to build.

I would like to share the goals I have for the ABI and ask your help this year in achieving them.

  1. Managing Growth. ABI is growing at a record pace in every category: membership, attendance at programs, quantity and quality of ABI publications, web site activity and visibility on a national level. With so much growth, I believe we must be vigilant in ensuring that ABI still remains a grass-roots, user-friendly organization where every member feels he or she can make a meaningful contribution.
  2. Public Service. We should build and strengthen ABI's commitment to public service, research and education. Thanks to the generosity of our members and solid financial management, the ABI Endowment Fund is in a better position than ever to assist research and education projects that will benefit both the "bankruptcy community" and the public at large. I have asked Gerry Buccino to lead the ABI Endowment Committee in an effort to seek out and support worthy projects.
  3. Liaisons. We should continue to improve upon our great relationships with other bankruptcy organizations, such as the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (NCBJ), National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT), National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees (NACTT) and the American College of Bankruptcy.
  4. Strategic Planning. During this year, I will be asking many of you to help ABI in strategic planning for the future.

While ABI is moving into the new millennium, it is worth pausing and recognizing the many dedicated board members whose officer terms expired this year. One person Ineed to single out is Prof. Bob Zinman, whose term as ABI Chairman ended in April.

Prof. Zinman's contributions to the ABI are nothing short of amazing. Starting from scratch, he has organized and supervised the editing and publication of the ABI Law Review. With the help of Judge Duberstein and many of our New York area members, Prof. Zinman and his students have made the Judge Conrad B. Duberstein Moot Court Competition one of the most prestigious events of its kind. Now, to complete a "hat trick," Bob is directing the creation of the first LL.M. program for bankruptcy studies at St. John's University. In that project, Bob has involved literally dozens of ABI members in creating a truly unique academic program. Fortunately, we know that Bob will stay as active in ABI as ever.

New International Initiative

ABI's Board of Directors approved a new international initiative designed to extend the breadth of the ABI's membership around the world. ABI is already the largest bankruptcy and insolvency organization in the world and has an active focus on international matters. Our International Committee has approximately 500 members, and ABI is represented in more than 20 countries worldwide.

At the suggestion of ABI Vice President-International Affairs James A. Goodman, the directors have approved a project to increase ABI's representation to between 50-75 countries. The countries in which ABI is currently represented include Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

With the expansion of our international membership, ABI will have a first-rate network of experienced insolvency professionals in a wide variety of countries. If anyone has a friend or a good contact in another country who would be interested in joining ABI, please encourage him or her to do so, or fax or e-mail their name and address to ABI Membership Coordinator Chris Thackston (703/739-1060, or [email protected]). We appreciate everyone's support for our new international initiative.

Medal Certificate Winners

ABI congratulates the winners of the 1999 ABI Medal of Excellence in Bankruptcy. Top law students from around the country are recognized through this program, coordinated by Christopher F. Graham (Thacher, Proffitt & Wood; New York). The program honors the achievements of law students selected by their deans and bankruptcy law faculty, and consists of engraved medals and certificates suitable for framing, as well as a one-year complimentary membership to ABI. Congratulations to the following winners:

Angela Batterson
Loyola University Chicago

Abner Ben-Gera
New York University

Amy Bertke
University of Dayton

Scott K. Brown
Brigham Young University

Pietro Canestrelli
University of California, Davis School of Law

David P. Carson
Widener University

Cynthia Chandler
Washington University

Karen Chapman
Pepperdine University

Jay A. Christofferson
McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

Jesse Ward Conville
The University of Mississippi

Lori L. Cooney
Nova Southeastern University

Daniele M. Creager
University of Maryland

Michael S. Cusick
Vermont Law School

Michael B. Dailey
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

Monica Dillon
West Virginia University

Raymond S. Elliott
Texas Law School

Josh W. Everdell
Vermont Law School

Melanie L. Farr
University of Toledo

Steven Matthew Goble
Washington and Lee University

Geoffrey Goodman
University of Illinois

Jennifer Grady
Harvard Law School

Charles T. Grimes
The University of Alabama

Adam Gropper
George Washington University

Cynthia Hageman
Southern Methodist University

Kathryn Ann Hanna
Ohio Northern University

Weldon E. Havins
University of San Diego

Catherine Hawks
Seattle University

Hanif Hirji
Loyola Law School

Charles R. Holladay
The University of Tulsa

Minevson Jhang
University of Southern California

Melanie L. Jump
University of Toledo

Vivieon Kelley
The College of William & Mary

Tara Burns Koch
Stetson University College of Law

Jeffrey Lashaway
Texas Tech University

Arnold S. Levine
Southwestern University

Beth L. Lewis
Whittier Law School

Natalie T. Maniaci
University of San Diego

James R. Martin
Wake Forest University

Ronald C. Martin
University of Iowa

Kerrie S. Mattson
The John Marshall Law School

Ann Marie McCauley
University of Toledo

Timothy Cole Meals
Drake University

John O. Moore
University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law

Ralph Nardi
University of Miami School of Law

Jason Ward Neitzel
Samford University Cumberland Law School

Lawrence Nordling
Washburn University

Claudine Orloski
Duquesne University

Erica Phillips
University of Idaho College of Law

Carmen Pinkerton
University of Nebraska

Sylvianne Pizarro
Harvard Law School

Craig Price
Cornell Law School

Alfred Q. Ricotta
Emory University School of Law

Jennifer J. Ridley
University of Detroit Mercy

Brett W. Roubal
Creighton University

James Anthony Rynard, Jr.
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Glen V. Salyer
Northern Illinois University

Rena Samole
Washington University

Eraklis Savas
Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University

Christopher Seefer
Golden Gate University

Jeffrey M. Sklarz
University of Connecticut

Christopher B. Surran
Syracuse University

Michelle M. Teed
Willamette University

Ellen Theodorson
University of Oregon

Steven E. Thompson
University of New Mexico

Ivan Tjoe
University of California, Hastings College of Law

Claudia Tobler
Boston College Law School

Stacey Turley
University of Missouri-Columbia

Adam Joseph Tutaj
Marquette University

Sean W. Vollman
The Ohio State University

Kimberly Wassink
University of South Dakota

Jeffrey Waxman
University of Pittsburgh

Mark Wilder
University of Cincinnati

Melisa Suzette Yopp
University of Arkansas

Journal Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 1999

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