National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks 24 Years and Growing Strong

National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks 24 Years and Growing Strong

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In 1980, as the newly created position of Clerk of Court for the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts was being established throughout the country, an independent organization called the National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (NCBC) was founded. The primary objective of the organization, which persists even more strongly today, is to serve the professional needs of its members and to work toward the continued improvement of the federal judiciary and U.S. bankruptcy system. At its inception, membership in the NCBC was limited to bankruptcy clerks of court, but later expanded to include deputy clerks, bankruptcy judges, state and local government employees, and the private sector.

Now, 24 years later, the NCBC has flourished to 932 members spanning the entire federal system from Alaska (home of the current president, Clerk of Court Wayne Wolfe) to Puerto Rico, and the 50 states, districts (Columbia) and territories (Guam) in between.

NCBC Service to the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts

During the last decade, the NCBC has brought increased awareness of bankruptcy matters to the attention of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts through the president's service as an ex officio member of the Bankruptcy Clerk's Advisory Group. Recently, this role has taken on new meaning as the bankruptcy courts have embarked on a nationwide effort to bring electronic filing to the bar and creditor groups. Now, the NCBC president is able to represent the diverse interests of its membership, ranging from deputy clerks to practicing attorneys and large creditor groups, in discussing matters of national concern in the administration of the bankruptcy system, including noticing, electronic filing and claims administration. One of this year's initiatives is the formation of the International Relations Committee. The NCBC has teamed up with the Federal Court Clerks Association and the National Association of Court Management to provide administrative resources to foreign judicial systems. If your business practice includes international insolvency work, participation on the International Relations Committee may broaden the scope of your specialty and referrals.

Methods for improving noticing and electronic filing are among important topics ripe for collaboration.

Increased Partnership with Private Sector—Supports National Electronic Filing Efforts

The lasting value of the private sector/bankruptcy community partnership has been notably revealed during the last few years as progress on the implementation of the federal electronic filing system has swept the nation. During the annual NCBC conferences, which bring clerks, deputy clerks, judges, case trustees, creditor groups, vendors and others who work in the bankruptcy world together in an informal setting, national issues of mutual concern and benefit between the private sector and bankruptcy court system are tackled and studied. Methods for improving noticing and electronic filing are among important topics ripe for collaboration.

NCBC Annual Conference: Opportunity to Work Together

Each year, the annual conference, whose attendance now runs 300+, provides a unique opportunity for all NCBC members to learn first-hand about changes and improvements going on in the courts and the development of new technologies, as well as for brainstorming sessions for the improvement of service to the bench and bar. In recent years, discussions have covered such topics as ways to improve the case-management database for electronic filers and electronic noticing procedures, national form issues and product development. The NCBC has been fortunate to have outstanding conference sponsors.

In addition, each year a prominent vendor fair is held showcasing companies that do business with the bankruptcy community, including providers of petition software, banking, office products, hardware and software technologies, furniture, insurance and copy services. This year's conference, to be hosted by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Ohio in Cincinnati, Aug. 10-13, 2004, will include a sensational group of vendors covering a wide range of products and services.

To learn more about the exciting work of the NCBC, this year's annual conference and membership in the NCBC, please visit the NCBC web site at

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Monday, March 1, 2004