ABI Policy on Notices of Certain Meetings

ABI recognizes and appreciates the time and effort that its volunteer leaders give in support of the activities of the organization, particularly given the busy schedules of these leaders. ABI is committed to policies that support the active and full participation of such leaders. In order to provide optimal participation by ABI leaders in the meetings and related activities of ABI and in recognition of the need to provide sufficient notice of non-special meetings of the Board of Directors[1], the Executive Committee of the Board, Board committees, member committee chairs and other significant meetings of ABI leaders as determined by the Executive Director, which meetings are to be held in conjunction with the Annual Spring Meeting or Winter Leadership Conference (collectively, Meeting(s)), every effort will be made to meet the following protocol:

  1. At least ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled meeting date, notice of Meeting dates should be provided to the Board member, Executive Committee member, Board committee member, member committee chair or other invitees to such Meeting. Such information may be provided via e-mail or ordinary U.S. Mail and will include the room location and time for the Meeting, if available. If not available, the location and time shall be provided as soon as practicable thereafter.
  2. The agenda of matters to be considered at a Meeting should be provided at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the Meeting.
  3. The regular meetings of the Board occur the afternoon of the opening reception of both the Annual Spring Meeting and the Winter Leadership Conference. Since those dates are set more than twelve months in advance, the specific room location, time and agenda are the only additional information necessary to comply with this protocol.

This protocol is intended to facilitate as much advance notice as is practical of Meetings and their subject matter. Accordingly, this protocol recognizes that at times advance information regarding Meetings or the matters to be discussed at Meetings will be less than ninety (90) and fifteen (15) days, respectively. Nonetheless, every effort will be made to meet the time frames stated herein.

[1] Notice of special meetings of the Board is governed by the By-Laws.