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Fraud and Forensics: Piercing Through the Deception in a Commercial Fraud Case

384 pages
Author (s) 
Kathy Bazoian Phelps
Jeffrey E. Brandlin
David R. Bell
Garret L. Martucci
Maryellen K. Sebold
Judith K. Spry
Michael E. Brodsky
Anthony DeSantis
Jonathan Nash
S. Gregory Hays
Marion A. Hecht
Mark Michels
Kenneth Dante Murena
Elaine Carey
Katya Hirose
James S. Feltman
Melissa Kibler Knoll
Michael N. Zembillas
Hon. Steven W. Rhodes
Linda L. Northrup
Michael P. Richman
Justin F. Paget
Rebecca Callahan
Soneet R. Kapila
Melissa Davis

It is a sorry statement about the pervasiveness of fraud in society today that the demand for the specialized financial and investigatory skills of forensic accountants is greater than ever. Yet some of the most celebrated cases of the modern era — Madoff  and Enron, for instance — have hinged on the ability of talented investigators to ferret out the truth in a realm filled with deceit. Fraud and Forensics: Piercing Through the Deception in a Commercial Fraud Case highlights the areas of specialty, challenge, and reward for forensic accountants and the professionals who work with them in commercial fraud cases. Written by members of ABI’s Commercial Fraud Committee, Fraud and Forensics provides a broad and deep look at challenges faced in the course of a commercial fraud matter, as well as the tools available to help identify, unwind and prove fraudulent transactions. This book will also assist both forensic accountants and the professionals that work with them to sift through the fine details while creatively considering all of the possibilities to fit together the pieces of a fraud puzzle.

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