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Rochelle's Daily Wire | ABI Exclusive

April 29, 2019

The Ninth Circuit BAP follows Kelley, even though the panel implies that the Supreme Court tortured the language in Section 523(a)(7).

April 8, 2019

Courts are split on denying a chapter 13 discharge for missing payments made directly to the mortgagee.

April 5, 2019

Following dicta in Bellingham, Judge Collins finds no power to enter a final order in a fraudulent transfer suit against a defendant who did not consent.

March 27, 2019

Curiously, a Ninth Circuit panel imposed significant pleading requirements for FCRA complaints but only issued a nonprecedential opinion.

March 19, 2019

California judge differs with the Third Circuit regarding the presumption of collateral value flowing from a lender’s proof of secured claim.

March 14, 2019

District judge won’t withdraw the reference when PG&E rejects power purchase agreements.

March 13, 2019

Ninth Circuit interprets UCC § 9-319(a) to permit avoidance of consignor’s interest in proceeds of an unperfected consignment.

March 12, 2019

Free-and-clear sale won’t evade the Ninth Circuit’s rule against third-party, non-debtor releases.

February 15, 2019

An appellate court will decide whether four years of jailing means that civil incarceration has become futile.

February 4, 2019

Ninth Circuit says that Section 158(d)(1) isn’t an appeals court’s jurisdiction over a ‘Stern’ matter.