Experts Examine Proposal for States to Enact Restructuring Tools for Struggling Municipalities - Episode 196

As there are states without debt restructuring mechanisms for struggling local governments, ABI Resident Scholar Drew Dawson discusses a proposal by Prof. Samir Parikh to encourage recalcitrant state legislatures to enact the structural changes their local governments need. Prof. Parikh discusses his proposal contained within his forthcoming research, "Falling Cities and the Red Queen Phenomenon." Joining Dawson and Parikh to discuss the proposal and research is Marc Levinson of Orrick (Sacramento, Calif.), who was the lead attorney in the chapter 9 filings in Stockton, Calif., and Vallejo, Calif.

To read Prof. Parikh's forthcoming research, "Failing Cities and the Red Queen Phenomenon, please click here. Additional research from Prof. Parikh, titled "A New Fulcrum Point for City Survival," can be found by clicking here.

Podcast Date: 
Tuesday, February 21, 2017