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Supreme Court

Nonjudicial Foreclosure Is Not Subject to the FDCPA, Supreme Court Rules

Supreme Court says that activities not required by state law in nonjudicial foreclosure may be covered by the FDCPA.

Supreme Court Declines to Rule on Equitable Mootness

Sewer customers challenged the dismissal of their appeal from confirmation of the Jefferson County chapter 9 municipal debt restructuring.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Rejection of Trademark Licenses

Thirty-five years later, the Supreme Court might reverse Lubrizol.

The Supreme Court Refuses to Revisit Dewsnup

Arguably ignoring Sections 506(a) and 506(d), Dewsnup barred chapter 7 debtors from stripping down undersecured mortgages.

Supreme Court Is on the Road to Overruling Dewsnup

A ‘cert’ petition asks the high court to overrule Dewsnup and allow chapter 7 debtors to strip down or strip off undersecured mortgages.

Equitable Mootness Attacked in Jefferson County ‘Cert’ Petition

Lack of a circuit split makes equitable mootness an unlikely topic for Supreme Court review.

The Jay Alix/McKinsey Spat Reaches the Supreme Court

The Jay Alix certiorari petition asks the high court to resolve a circuit split and say whether vindicating the public interest confers appellate standing.

Newly Filed Certiorari Petitions Raise Circuit Splits on ‘Finality’ and the Automatic Stay

The Supreme Court is invited to resolve a circuit split and decide whether inaction can violate the automatic stay.

Supreme Court Tackles Nonjudicial Foreclosure and the FDCPA; Homeowners Might Win

If the FDCPA applies to judicial foreclosure, should it also apply to nonjudicial foreclosure? The Supreme Court will decide.

Supreme Court Decision on Arbitration Has Ominous Implications for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy needs blanket judicial immunity from the Federal Arbitration Act after the Supreme Court’s Schein decision.