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2nd Circuit

A Casually Written Email by Counsel Can Be an Agreement in the Second Circuit

Mediation can result in a binding settlement even without a written agreement.

New York Judge Finds Constitutional Power to Enter Default Judgments

Assuming service was properly effected, Judge Martin Glenn views Wellness International as permitting bankruptcy courts to enter final default judgments in all adversary proceedings.

New York Judge Takes a Forgiving View of ‘Actual Conflict’ in Section 327(c)

Firm allowed to drop a creditor-client and represent the debtor in chapter 11.

U.S. Trustee Criticized for Dumping the ‘Jay Alix Protocol’

New York bankruptcy judge approves retention of a crisis manger under Section 363(b) who might be disqualified under Section 327(a).

Chapter 15 Allows Discovery Not Available under Foreign Law, District Judge Says

Arbitration agreement doesn’t preclude discovery in chapter 15, district judge rules.

Second Circuit Protects a Madoff Conspirator Who Already Paid $7.2 Billion

Clever pleading failed to evade an anti-suit injunction entered as part of a settlement.

Colleges Beat Back Another Fraudulent Transfer Suit Aimed at Tuition Payments

Federal student loan proceeds were never the parents’ property and thus could not be recovered by a trustee.

Second and Eleventh Circuits Agree: Fuel Subcontractors Don’t Have Maritime Liens

Notions of equity go out the window when the issue is maritime liens.

Bankruptcy Judge Regulates the Unregulated Debt-Reduction Service Industry

Section 502(b)(4) shields debtors from overreaching lawyers in a new context.

Islamic Law Informs the Court in Interpreting a Marital Contract

Courts split on the dischargeability of debts incurred in the course of divorce or separation.