9th Circuit

Purchaser of Life Insurance Policy Can Be Sued for Fraudulent Transfer

Ninth Circuit gets it right on life insurance policies being property of the estate.

Circuit Holds that Possession Alone Is No Grounds for Alleging a Stay Violation

Debatable Ninth Circuit opinion begs for rehearing en banc or for certiorari petition.

Trustee Not Required to Investigate Claimed Exemption for Timely Fraud Objection

BAP makes life easier on trustee in objecting to exemptions.

Stripped-Off Mortgages Don’t Count Toward Chapter 13 Unsecured Debt Limits

Ninth Circuit BAP removes another potential barrier to using “chapter 20.”

Ninth Circuit BAP Splits with Three Circuits on Dischargeablity of Tax Debts

Gutsy Ninth Circuit BAP importunes the Supreme Court to rule on late-filed tax returns.

Ninth Circuit Won’t Protect Purchasers with Equitable Mootness

The Ninth Circuit provides another reason to avoid reorganizing on the west coast.