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California Judge Won’t Allow ‘Chapter 20’ to Work Its Magic

Opinion doesn’t cite contrary Ninth Circuit and BAP authority permitting ‘chapter 20.’

California Judge Lays Out Rules for Jury Trials in Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Judge Barash construes local rules to avoid invalidating a right to a jury trial.

Arresting the Debtor During Mediation Is a Very Big No-No

How to ruin a good case: have your adversary arrested during mediation.

Sale of a Nonoperating Hospital Doesn’t Require State Approval

Attorney General’s oversight was avoided by shutting down a nonprofit hospital.

Judge Splits with his BAP and Allows ‘Substantial Contribution’ Claim in Chapter 7

Split grows on whether ‘substantial contribution’ claims are limited to chapters 9 and 11.

Civil Rights Suit Enjoined by Automatic Stay in Municipal Bankruptcy

District court says bankruptcy court can issue injunction to halt civil rights violation by police.

A $15,000 Civil Contempt Order Was Interlocutory and Not Appealable

Perhaps a civil contempt order should sometimes be final in bankruptcy.