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9th Circuit

Bankruptcy Judge OKs Four Years of Jailing for Civil Contempt

An appellate court will decide whether four years of jailing means that civil incarceration has become futile.

‘Stern’ Disputes Invoke a Circuit Court’s General Jurisdiction Under 28 U.S.C. § 1291

Ninth Circuit says that Section 158(d)(1) isn’t an appeals court’s jurisdiction over a ‘Stern’ matter.

Ninth Circuit Allows Counsel Fees when Debtor Successfully Appeals a Stay Violation

Ninth Circuit is the first court of appeals to expand a debtor’s appellate counsel fees beyond successfully defending an award for a willful stay violation.

Equitable Mootness Applies to Chapter 9 Municipal Debt Adjustments, Ninth Circuit Says

‘Adamant’ dissenter argues that condemnation claims arising from eminent domain are excepted from discharge under the Takings Clause.

As an Exempt Asset, a Dog’s Value Is Priceless, Judge Collins Says

Pet insurance and proceeds are exempt, even above the value of the pet.

Appreciation in a Home Is Exempt in California, But Not in Washington, Circuit Says

Vigorous dissent argues that the majority misread Ninth Circuit precedent in barring a debtor from exempting post-petition appreciation in a homestead.

Four Circuits Now Agree: Fuel Subcontractors Don’t Have Maritime Liens

Second, Fifth, Ninth and Eleventh Circuits agree that supplying “necessaries” by itself won’t justify a maritime lien.

BAP Narrowly Reads Section 506(d) on Voiding Liens Following Claim Disallowance

A claim must be disallowed on the validity of the debt before the associated lien can be voided under Section 506(d), the Ninth Circuit BAP holds.

Being Employed Isn’t Enough to Salvage an Individual’s Chapter 11 Discharge

Appeals court talks about discharging a debt when the issue is denial of discharge.

Raising a Circuit Split, Ninth Circuit’s Taggart Opinion Heads for a ‘Cert’ Petition

BAP opinion shows that contempt is virtually impossible to prove in the Ninth Circuit following Taggart.