9th Circuit

A Mistake in the CARES Act on Eligibility for the SBRA Was Fixed by Congress in June

After a technical correction by Congress, now only affiliates of reporting companies are excluded from Subchapter V of chapter 11.

Ninth Circuit Invited to Sit En Banc Regarding Dischargeability of Disciplinary Costs

The Ninth Circuit again questions the Supreme Court’s ‘atextual’ analysis of Section 523(a)(7).

BAPCPA Didn’t Entirely Stop Mortgages from ‘Riding Through’ Chapter 7

The lender’s failure to demand reaffirmation before discharge in chapter 7 barred enforcement of a default based on the filing of bankruptcy.

District Court Affirms: ‘13’ Debtors Lose Appreciation in a Home After Conversion to ‘7’

On an issue where the courts are split, a district judge in Washington State holds that the debtors lose the post-petition appreciation in the value of estate property when a chapter 13 case converts to chapter 7.

Chapter 7 Debtors Have No Appellate Standing to Challenge a Short Sale, BAP Says

BAP doesn’t allow debtors to appeal when a trustee sells their home out from underneath them in a short sale.

A Hotel Without Income Is ‘Single Asset Real Estate,’ District Judge Says

An operating hotel may not be single asset real estate, but an uncompleted hotel with no income is single asset real estate, according to a Los Angeles district judge.

Ninth Circuit Describes the Pleading and Proof for Converting from ‘11’ to ‘7’

With the statute silent, the Ninth Circuit makes rules for assets that go to the chapter 7 estate on conversion from chapter 11.

Rule 9011 Sanctions Imposed for Filing Decedent’s Estate to Halt Foreclosure

Judge Christopher Klein lays out the requisites for imposing sanctions under Rule 9011 for frivolous filings.

Bidding Not Always Required When a Settlement Includes a Sale of Assets, BAP Says

If there are mutual claims, the Ninth Circuit BAP gives the court discretion not to evaluate a settlement as a sale.

In Reciprocity States, the Court Must Rule on Contract Issues to Shift Fees, Circuit Says

Even if a dischargeability suit is based on a contract, the winner is not entitled to fee-shifting if the court rules on noncontract issues.