BAPCPA Didn’t Entirely Stop Mortgages from ‘Riding Through’ Chapter 7

The lender’s failure to demand reaffirmation before discharge in chapter 7 barred enforcement of a default based on the filing of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Court Doesn’t Have Exclusive Jurisdiction over Fraudulent Transfer Suits

The Nevada Supreme Court correctly unpacked the confusing notions of bankruptcy jurisdiction and the division of authority between district and bankruptcy courts.

Creditor Filing Time-Barred Claims Is Hit with Debtor’s Attorneys’ Fees

The Supreme Court’s Midland Funding opinion was no defense to invocation of a Nevada statute shifting fees and compelling the creditor to pay the debtor’s costs in expunging stale claims.

Mortgage Servicer Hit with $300,000 in Actual and Punitive Damages for Stay Violation

The creditor was guilty of an automatic stay violation, but Taggart insulated the creditor from liability for a discharge violation for continuation of the same conduct.