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New Jersey

‘Disinterestedness’ Governs Approval of a Future Claimants’ Representative

Negotiating a prepackaged asbestos plan and having been paid by the debtor does not disqualify a future claimants’ representative under the disinterestedness standard.

Lawyer Sanctioned for Filing at the Last Minute when Title Had Passed Already

Lawyer was sanctioned under Rule 9011 for filing a petition when the lawyer should have known that title had already passed in a foreclosure sale.

New Jersey Tax Foreclosures Can Be Preferences, Third Circuit Rules

Although a foreclosure sale can be immune from fraudulent transfer attack, a tax foreclosure not based on the value of the property can be a preference.

Bankruptcy Notice to a Creditor Represented by Counsel in State Court Is Adequate

Conversely, giving notice to a creditor’s state-court counsel may not be adequate, New Jersey judge says.

New Jersey Judges Side with the Minority on Turnover of Repossessed Autos

Split deepens regarding failure to return a repossessed auto as an automatic stay violation.

Tax Sales Can Be Avoided as Preferences, New Jersey District Judge Rules

Not a true public sale, a tax foreclosure in New Jersey can be attacked as a preference without implicating concerns about federalism.

Tax Sales Can Be Avoided as Preferences, New Jersey Judge Rules

Federalism concerns do not protect tax foreclosures like they do mortgage foreclosures, Judge Gravelle says.

Each Third Party Release Must Be Economically Justified, District Judge Holds

Small case is making big Third Circuit law on confirmation of chapter 11 plans.

Recent Decisions Bar Cramdown on Mixed-Use Principal Residences

Newark and Buffalo judges read 1322(b)(2) narrowly and in favor of mortgage lenders.

Clark v. Rameker’s Gaping Loophole Allows Debtors to Retain Inherited IRAs

State law overrides ‘significant policy concerns’ in Supreme Court decision.