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3rd Circuit

Federal Common Law of Constructive Trust Works When State Law Won’t

Delaware judge shows sympathy for a creditor being stiffed by the debtor.

Delaware Judge Nixes the Notion of Implied Assumption of Executory Contracts

An asset purchaser cannot escape liability for appropriating the benefits of a contract that was not assumed and assigned.

Consumer Protection Claims by Governments Are Discharged in Chapter 11

Consumer protection claims brought by states are nondischargeable in chapter 11 only when the state has been the target of fraudulent representations.

Another Example: Student Loans Are Virtually Impossible to Discharge

District court second-guesses the sufficiency of evidence that the bankruptcy court found sufficient.

Third Circuit Pushes Back on Widespread Invocation of Rooker-Feldman

A federal court can undermine a state court judgment without offending Rooker-Feldman, Third Circuit says.

Bankruptcy Courts Aren’t ‘Courts’ and Don’t Have Power to Transfer

Don’t stretch bankruptcy jurisdiction when the statute of limitations is about to expire.

Third Circuit Narrowly Interprets Delaware Fraudulent Transfer Law

Venezuela let off the hook for expropriating assets.

Delaware District Judge Seemingly Splits with Second Circuit on the Safe Harbor

Delaware district and bankruptcy judges now disagree with the Second Circuit’s holding that the federal safe harbor preempts state fraudulent transfer law.

No Punitive Damages Under Delaware Law to Remedy a Fraudulent Transfer

Choice of law isn’t an affirmative defense that can be waived, Judge Gross says.

Fraudulent Transfer Claims Aren’t Capped by Creditors’ Losses

Delaware’s Judge Gross pens another controversial opinion in PAH Litigation Trust.