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A ‘Letter Box’ Company Is Denied Foreign Main and Nonmain Recognition in Chapter 15

Being registered, plus having directors and an address, on the Isle of Man wasn’t sufficient to show COMI or an ‘establishment’ justifying recognition under chapter 15.

Otherwise Valid Post-Petition Claims Sometimes Won’t Qualify for Administrative Status

Judge Sarah Hall declined to expand the exception in Reading for post-petition claims to have administrative status.

Retirees Breathe a Sigh of Relief: A Golf Cart Can Be an Exempt Motor Vehicle

Surprisingly, no court had previously ruled on whether a golf cart can be exempt.

Barton Didn’t Stop Creditors from Garnishing a Chapter 13 Trustee After Dismissal

The debtor’s bad faith chapter 13 filings convinced Judge Hall to allow garnishment of funds held by the trustee after dismissal.

Subchapter V Isn’t Always an Antidote for a Failing Chapter 11 Reorganization

Misconduct in the prior chapter 11 case barred debtors from proceeding as a small business reorganization under subchapter V of chapter 11.

Cashier’s Checks and Ordinary Checks Are Treated the Same Under Barnhill

The UCC and Barnhill are in accord when it comes to ownership of funds underlying an unpaid check.

Reconstructed Time Records Are Ok in a POC for Pre-Filing Attorneys’ Fees

Rule 3001 doesn’t require time records in a mortgage lender’s proof of claim, Judge Loyd says.

Child Support Cases Avoid Thorny Choice of Law Questions

Judge Janice Loyd writes a handbook on choice of law and statutes of limitations.

Debt for Rape Is Dischargeable Without Proof of Subjective Intent to Injure

Proving occurrence of rape evidently does not carry a presumption of intent to injure.

Bankruptcy Court Stays Out of the Repo Business

The repo man will face no competition from the bankruptcy court.