Consumer Bankruptcy

H.R. 1143

To amend the Truth in Lending Act to modify obligations relating to private education loans due to the disability of a cosigner or borrower of the loan, to amend title 11 of the United States Code to make student loans dischargeable, and for other purposes.

Covid Eviction Moratoria Didn’t Apply in a Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy court evicted a debtor from his residence because he didn’t qualify for the Covid-19 moratoria.

An Individual Can’t Assume a Lease by Reaffirming the Debt

A lawyer queasy about a client’s decision to assume a lease can’t invoke the court’s scrutiny by making an application to reaffirm the debt under Section 524(c), Judge Hursh says.

Amount of an Exemption Isn’t Required to Make an Order Final, Circuit Majority Says

Tenth Circuit majority believes that the grant or denial of an exemption is sufficient to make the order final, even if the bankruptcy court hasn’t ruled on the extent or amount of the exemption.