3rd Circuit

Unpaid Condominium Fees Cannot Be Stripped Off in New Jersey

Condos in New Jersey get better protection from the court than from the state legislature.

No Claim Arises from Loss of a Make-Whole Premium, Delaware District Judge Holds

Delaware is now on par with New York in disallowing make-whole premiums.

Delaware Judge Categorically Bars All Counsel from Compensation for Defense of Fees

Artful drafting cannot evade ASARCO to reimburse counsel for defense of fees.

Third Circuit Pens a Treatise on Burden of Production

Third Circuit decision written by no Third Circuit judges

UCC Inapplicable to Define ‘Received’ for 20-Day Administrative Claims in Foreign Trade

Foreign sellers take note: State law may confer more benefit than international law.

Committee Counsel Fees at 56% Are Ok in Delaware

Lender's plea of poverty falls on deaf ears in a sick Delaware case.