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5th Circuit

Appellate Jurisdiction Doesn’t Terminate on Dismissal of the Underlying Bankruptcy

New Orleans district judge finds discretion in Fifth and Ninth Circuit authority for jurisdiction over an appeal after dismissal of the underlying bankruptcy case.

Mothers Owed Child Support Weren’t Entitled to Notice in Father’s Bankruptcy, Circuit Says

Fifth Circuit in substance says that state law overcomes the Bankruptcy Code’s broad definition of who’s a creditor entitled to notice.

Is a Notice of Removal Filed in Bankruptcy Court Ok? Courts Are Split

Judge in Mississippi remands a suit to state court because the notice of removal was filed with the bankruptcy clerk, not the district court clerk.

BAPCPA Limits Remedies Against Debtors Who Don’t Reaffirm or Surrender

Congress may have intended to preclude ‘stay and pay,’ but it didn’t succeed.

Another Court Strikes Down Higher U.S. Trustee Fees in Some Cases

A crisis befalls smaller companies that can’t afford the huge increase in U.S. Trustee fees.

Fifth Circuit Hints that Debtors May Retain Property for Recreation and Entertainment

Per curiam opinion shows that chapter 13 plans aren’t required to be punitive.

An Objection to Third-Party Releases Must Be Raised in Bankruptcy Court

A non-objecting creditor is bound by a third-party release even if the release may have been improper.

Fifth Circuit Declines to Expand Equitable Mootness Beyond Plan Confirmation

An appeal from an integrated sale and settlement can be dismissed under Section 363(m), the Fifth Circuit says.

Fifth Circuit Joins Sister Circuits in Bestowing Qualified Immunity on Trustees

Qualified immunity kicks in when a trustee’s actions don’t qualify for absolute immunity.

Fifth Circuit Differentiates Between Derivative Claims and Claims Belonging to a Creditor

Sometimes, a third party’s action can harm the debtor, but a creditor can still prosecute an independent claim against the third party.