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11th Circuit

FDCPA Held Applicable to Violations of Discharge Injunction

Debtor-friendly FDCPA opinion gains traction beyond the Second Circuit.

Assignee for Creditors Has No Power to File Bankruptcy, 11th Circuit Says

Powers of an assignee for creditors are restrictive, not expansive.

Florida Judge Reads Eleventh Circuit Conservatively on Third-Party Releases

Plan insulating business owners flunks the test for third-party releases.

11th Circuit Upholds $30,000 in Punitive Damages for Stay Violation

Employing nonattorneys is a false economy for debt collectors.

Florida District Court Again Overrides the FDCPA on Time-Barred Claims

Lower courts continue ignoring the Eleventh Circuit’s policy statement on the FDCPA.

Coal Producer Walter Energy Authorized to Terminate Union Contracts and Benefits

Donald Trump represents hope for coal miners, but not for reasons you might think, judge says.


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