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11th Circuit

Knowledge of Fraud Before Discharge Doesn’t Always Preclude Revocation

Eleventh Circuit refuses to read words into Section 727(d)(2) that aren’t there.

Split Continues on Loss of Chapter 13 Discharge for Missing Direct Mortgage Payments

Georgia judge focuses on ‘good faith’ to decide whether a chapter 13 debtor should lose a discharge after missing direct mortgage payments.

Proceedings for Contempt Discharge Held Not Subject to Arbitration

Florida case raises the question of whether the Supreme Court will eventually give bankruptcy a general exemption from arbitration, or an exemption only for core proceedings.

Taggart’s Effect Evident in Eleventh Circuit Ruling on Discharge Violation

An action that could violate the FDCPA may not be a violation of the discharge injunction.

Homestead Exemption Upheld on a House Neither Taxed nor Zoned for Residential Use

Occupancy and intent to be a permanent residence are all that’s needed for a homestead exemption, even if the house violates local ordinances.

Default Judgments Are (Sometimes) Nondischargeable Under Issue Preclusion

If the parties litigate but the defendant eventually defaults, the default judgment can result in nondischargeability via issue preclusion, Eleventh Circuit holds.

A ‘Plausible’ Claim for a Discharge Violation Is No Longer Sufficient after Taggart

An Alabama case shows how Taggart heightened the pleading standards for a complaint alleging a violation of the discharge injunction.

Veto Right Made All Directors Liable for Bad Decisions by a Few Directors

Business judgment rule failed to protect directors of a Georgia bank for approving bad loans.

State and Federal IRA Exemptions Aren’t Congruent, Eleventh Circuit Explains

Circuit Judge Grant explains why an IRA might be exempt under federal law but not exempt under the Florida exemption statute.

Bankruptcy Judge Says Espinosa Overrules Eleventh Circuit Precedent

A chapter 13 plan that improperly modifies a home mortgage remains binding unless the lender has objected to confirmation.