3rd Circuit

Repaying Salary After Arrest Isn’t Compensation for Loss and Isn’t Dischargeable

An obligation can be penal in nature, and thus nondischargeable, even though it’s measured by pecuniary loss.

A Credit Bid Doesn’t Cap the Value of a Secured Lender’s Collateral

Delaware district judge holds that the final bid at auction, not the lender’s last credit bid, fixes the value of the lender’s collateral.

University Medical Unscathed After Denby-Peterson, Delaware District Judge Says

The government lost a winnable appeal by failing to present evidence in bankruptcy court.

Undisclosed Fee Sharing Results in Disqualification and Disgorgement in Delaware

Since they weren’t bankruptcy lawyers, the firm wasn’t disqualified for the first nondisclosure offense. The second time, Delaware’s Judge Dorsey ordered disqualification and disgorgement

Cramdown Doesn’t Require Strict Enforcement of Subordination, Third Circuit Says

Pragmatic opinion by Circuit Judge Ambro allows cramdown to achieve ‘rough justice.’

Third Circuit Backtracks; Malice Not Required for Punies on a Dismissed Involuntary

Even when after a finding of bad faith, the court retains discretion to deny punitive damages, Third Circuit says. Compensatory damages are not available if the debtor was failing anyway.

Creditors Have Standing but Not Authority to Pursue Estate Claims, Third Circuit Says

Third Circuit’s Judge Bibas says that courts use the wrong nomenclature when they say that creditors lack standing to pursue claims belonging to the estate. It’s a question of statutory authority, he said, not standing.

Federal Income Taxes for a ‘Straddle Year’ Are Administrative Priority Claims

On an issue with no appellate authority, a Delaware district judge rules that federal income taxes are administrative claims if filing occurs before the year’s end.

Suit by Foreign Liquidators Was Remanded to State Court

Delaware district judge permits remand when the suit was subject to mandatory abstention.