New York Southern District

District Judge Limits Second Circuit Rule on Standing for Successorship Claims

GM’s ignition switch fiasco continues making bankruptcy law on deprivation of the constitutional right to notice.

Russian Bankruptcy Given Chapter 15 Recognition Despite Allegations of Corruption

‘Disinterestedness’ doesn’t apply to a foreign representative in chapter 15.

Personal Bankruptcy Bars Incarceration, but Not Finding of Civil Contempt

FTC allowed to continue contempt proceedings for failure to pay restitution.

Oil & Gas Gathering Agreements Can Be Rejected as Executory Contracts

Pipeline companies strike out again in New York on Texas law question.

Loan Agreement Gives U.S. Court Jurisdiction over Foreign Bank Lender

Few U.S. connections required for ‘specific jurisdiction’ over a foreign lender.

Judge Punts on How the Rule of Explicitness Survived Adoption of the Code

Circuits split on whether Section 510(b) killed off the exception to the Rule of Explicitness.

Appeals Brewing on Breadth of the Barton Doctrine in the Second Circuit

Will the Second Circuit follow the Ninth with a broad reading of Barton v. Barbour?

Clever Pleading Won’t Allow Individual Creditors to Sue, Madoff District Judge Says

Decision draws the line between common claims and those particular to individual creditors.