New York Southern District

Post-Confirmation Jurisdiction Is Narrow Following a Bona Fide Reorganization

After confirmation, New York’s Judge Glenn requires ‘close nexus’ for jurisdiction.

New York District Judge Lays Down Lenient Standard for Imputing Fraudulent Intent

Former Bankruptcy Judge Gerber reversed in Lyondell for being too strict, then for being too lenient.

A Claim Not Existing ‘But For’ Bankruptcy Lacks ‘Arising In’ Bankruptcy Jurisdiction

Bankruptcy jurisdiction narrowly construed to bar suits between nondebtors.

New York District Judges Disagree on Arbitrating Violations of the Discharge Injunction

Important bankruptcy class action cases heading for the Second Circuit.

District Court Upholds Procedures for Suspending a Panel Trustee

Panel trustee suspended for unfair, harsh, accusatory examination of debtors.

Madoff Trustee Nearing His First Judgment after Seven Years of Litigation

Madoff’s ‘net winners’ have their backs against the wall in fraudulent transfer suits.

Aircraft Lenders Lose Again on Requiring Compliance with Return Provisions

New York judge summarizes prior decisions about returning surplus aircraft.

Using Correspondent U.S. Bank Can Result in Personal Jurisdiction in U.S. Courts

Fleeting passage of money through the U.S. can bestow jurisdiction on U.S. courts.

Madoff Investor’s Suspicion of Fraud Does Not Generate Greater Liability

The right paper trail helps avoid liability for profiting from a Ponzi scheme.

Ruling on Texas Law, New York Judge Upsets Oil and Gas Pipelines

Protections for oil and gas pipelines undermined in Sabine Oil reorganization.