Accelerating Final Payoff Doesn’t Permit Modifying a Home Mortgage

Debtor’s clever strategy to prepay a mortgage didn’t invoke Section 1322(c)(2).

Frost on Homesteads in Chapter 13 Extended to Exempt IRAs in Chapter 7

Debtors must maintain exempt status of assets until chapter 7 case is closed, judge rules.

District Judge in Dallas Splits with Eleventh Circuit on Judicial Estoppel

Conversion to chapter 7 bars judicial estoppel on claim arising after filing.

Austin Judge Writes Treatise on Valuation of Personal Property

Lender needs more than Blue Book value to win a valuation trial.

Disavowing a Complaint Avoids Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction

Unartful complaint didn’t prove fatal on a change-of-venue motion.

Texas Judges Disagree About Exemption for Sale Proceeds from a Homestead

Judge finds a loophole in a Fifth Circuit opinion on the homestead exemption.

Exemptions Are Not a Moving Target the Trustee Can Shoot Down at Any Time

Judge Isgur interprets Schwab v. Reilly to benefit debtors and disadvantage trustees.

United Operating Only Protects Creditors and Shareholders, Bankruptcy Judge Holds

Restriction on post-confirmation suits is further limited in the Fifth Circuit.

Benefit to Consumer Required for Involuntary Conversion from Chapter 7 to 11

Judge lays down a tough rule, then goes easy on consumer debtors.

Judge Properly Attached Strings to a Full-Payment Chapter 13 Plan

Equity powers enable a judge to put the screws to a chapter 13 debtor.