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New York Judge Takes a Forgiving View of ‘Actual Conflict’ in Section 327(c)

Firm allowed to drop a creditor-client and represent the debtor in chapter 11.

U.S. Trustee Criticized for Dumping the ‘Jay Alix Protocol’

New York bankruptcy judge approves retention of a crisis manger under Section 363(b) who might be disqualified under Section 327(a).

Courts Split on Paying Chapter 13 Debtor’s Counsel if Conversion Precedes Confirmation

Arizona judge declines to expand Harris v. Viegelahn to cases when conversion precedes confirmation.

Bankruptcy Court’s Contempt Power Includes Incarceration for More Than Three Years

Ninth Circuit gives short shrift to a man who continues defying an order to turn over $1.4 million of estate property.

Belatedly Purchasing a Claim Won’t Confer Appellate Standing, Circuit Rules

Newly appointed Circuit Judge Willett has a way with words.