Judge Tells ‘13’ Debtors’ Counsel How to Write their Retention Agreements

Judge Jacobvitz told counsel for chapter 13 debtors how to write their engagement agreements to ensure being paid from funds held by the trustee if the case converts to chapter 7 before confirmation.

Taggart Means No Strict Liability for Violating a Corporate Debtor’s Automatic Stay

Persuasive authority is required before a creditor can be held in contempt for violating the automatic stay protecting a corporate debtor.

Disastrous Litigation Strategy Didn’t Justify Stay Modification, Eleventh Circuit Says

Stay modification is required even if the creditor wants to intervene in state court to help the bankrupt estate.

Res Judicata Limits an Objection to a Claim Allowed in a Prior Bankruptcy

Reducing a claim between the first and second bankruptcy didn’t prevent the Fifth Circuit from employing res judicata.