The Standards for a Pre-Filing Injunction Against a Vexatious Litigant

The record as a whole and the likelihood of further abuse justify a pre-filing injunction.

Court Narrowly Construes Taggart to Find Contempt of the Discharge Injunction

Atlanta judge gave the benefit of the doubt to the debtor on a discharge violation, but limited damages to the recovery of attorneys’ fees.

Automatic Stay Applies Automatically to the Archbishop of a Bankrupt Archdiocese

Although a lawsuit against the archbishop violated the automatic stay, Judge Thuma of Albuquerque declined to impose sanctions because precedent was ‘spotty or nonexistent.’

Circuit Whacks a Bankruptcy Lawyer with Sanctions for a Brief ‘Littered’ with ‘Rants’

Eleventh Circuit hits an attorney for a brief citing Bugs Bunny rather than caselaw authority.