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Fifth Circuit Upholds Sanctions Against ‘Nationwide’ Law Firm

Appeals court lauds Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey Norman’s ‘well-reasoned’ opinion.

Disclosing an Asset in the Wrong Place Won’t Invoke Judicial Estoppel, Circuit Says

Second Circuit won’t give a defendant a windfall if the debtor scheduled the lawsuit in the wrong place but told the trustee and the court.

Disciplinary Sanctions Held Nondischargeable Even Though Not Paid to the State

The Ninth Circuit BAP follows Kelley, even though the panel implies that the Supreme Court tortured the language in Section 523(a)(7).

Supreme Court Hears Argument on Good Faith as Defense to Discharge Violation

In Taggart v. Lorenzen, the justices sounded largely noncommittal, except for the Chief Justice, who seemed in the debtor’s camp favoring a stricter standard for contempt of the discharge injunction.

Bifurcated Fees for Destitute Chapter 7 Debtors Approved in Utah

Copious disclosure required for post-petition payment of fees to be permissible in chapter 7.

Filing Tag-Team Bankruptcies Resulted in Suspension from Practice

Fed up with a lawyer’s frivolous litigation tactics, the federal and state courts suspended a lawyer from practice.


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