Practice and Procedure

Established Law Pointed Judge Lane Toward Dismissing Giuliani’s Chapter 11 Case

New York’s Judge Sean Lane saw no reason for forcing holders of a $148 million defamation judgment ‘to wait years’ for a ‘modest distribution.’

First Nixing $240,000 for Contempt, Fifth Circuit Approves $450,000 for Civil Contempt

Having previously set aside a $240,000 sanction as criminal contempt, the Fifth Circuit affirmed $450,000 in civil contempt against the same contemnor in the same bankruptcy case.

A Claim Is Unliquidated if It Requires the Exercise of Judgment or Discretion

Tort claims are usually unliquidated, but a contract claim is liquidated if it’s precisely determinable by agreement or operation of law, Judge Lori Vaughan says.

Transitioning from a junior bankruptcy associate to a mid-level bankruptcy associate can sometimes feel like climbing the staircases at Hogwarts: difficult and uneasy at first, but it eventually becomes second nature. As a junior associate, one learns the fundamentals of bankruptcy law, fine-tunes research skills, and finds an understanding of how to work with managing and senior associates and partners. Stepping into a mid-level position requires letting go of the handrails and transitioning into managing up and down, engaging with clients, and running the day-to-day of cases.

Supreme Court to Rule on Waiver of Sovereign Immunity for Suits Under Section 544(b)(1)

To resolve a circuit split, the Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether a trustee can sue the government to recover a fraudulent transfer under state law when sovereign immunity would bar an ‘actual creditor’ from suing.

Misleading Ads to Poach a Debtor’s Customers Is No Stay Violation, Circuit Says

The Second Circuit gives competitors license to mount false advertising unless it’s ‘virtually certain’ to affect a debtor’s customer contracts or goodwill.