Liens on Impounded Cars Are Judicial Liens that May Be Avoided, Seventh Circuit Says

The City of Chicago argued unsuccessfully that liens on cars are statutory because they arise automatically when the car is impounded.

Fraudulent Transfers to Revocable Trusts May or May Not Zap Homestead Exemptions

In Ohio, the debtor won’t lose the homestead exemption by transferring a home to a revocable trust.

Debtor Can’t Avoid and Preserve a Lien for Tax Penalties for the Debtor’s Benefit

A trustee can avoid and preserve a tax lien for the benefit of unsecured creditors, but a debtor can’t if the debtor hasn’t paid the taxes, the Ninth Circuit says.

Homestead Proceeds May Be Exempt Under State Law but Not Under Federal Exemptions

Is a bankruptcy court improperly making federal common law in defining an exemption contrary to state law in an aspect of the exemption not explicitly covered by Section 522(d)(1)?