Fourth Circuit Rejects Frontal Assault on In Pari Delicto as a Bar to Suits by a Trustee

Circuit refuses to make an exception for trustees regarding the judge-made doctrine of in pari delicto.

Fifth Circuit Majority Bars Reforming Mortgages in Bankruptcy

In a nonprecedential opinion, the Fifth Circuit suggests that a mortgage that could be reformed in state court cannot be reformed in bankruptcy.

Circuit Split Widens Sovereign Immunity for Section 544(b) Claims

The circuits are now split 2/1 on the waiver of sovereign immunity under Section 544(b) for lawsuits by a trustee based on claims that could have been made by an actual creditor.

To Be a Section 544(b)(1) Predicate Claim for a 10-Year Lookback, the Claim Must Be Filed

A claim of the IRS can provide a 10-year lookback for avoidance actions, but the claim must have been filed.