Fourth Circuit Rejects Frontal Assault on In Pari Delicto as a Bar to Suits by a Trustee

Circuit refuses to make an exception for trustees regarding the judge-made doctrine of in pari delicto.

Eighth Circuit to Decide Whether Avoidance Actions Are Estate Property that Can Be Sold

Authorities are split on whether avoidance actions are estate property that can be sold or can only be prosecuted by the trustee.

Opinion Shows the Fault in Barring Barton Protection When a Case Is Closed

The Eleventh Circuit has subjected its trustees to the risk of expensive litigation in a faraway court unfamiliar with what happened in the bankruptcy case.

Are Inheritances Estate Property in Chapter 13? You Decide

Plan amendments in chapter 13 must come before the debtors make their final payments to the trustee.

Tenth Circuit: Debtors Retain Appreciation in a Home Sold Before Conversion to ‘7’

The Tenth Circuit left an unanswered question: Do debtors retain post-filing appreciation in a home that is not sold before the case converts from chapter 13 to chapter 7?