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Automatic Stay

Supreme Court Decision on Arbitration Has Ominous Implications for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy needs blanket judicial immunity from the Federal Arbitration Act after the Supreme Court’s Schein decision.

Supreme Court Grants ‘Cert’ to Decide Whether Good Faith Is a Defense to Contempt

Supreme Court has three bankruptcy cases this term, on nonjudicial foreclosure, trademark rejection, and contempt for a stay violation.

Ninth Circuit Allows Counsel Fees when Debtor Successfully Appeals a Stay Violation

Ninth Circuit is the first court of appeals to expand a debtor’s appellate counsel fees beyond successfully defending an award for a willful stay violation.

First Circuit Terminates the Stay Entirely as to Repeat Filers

In the first opinion at the circuit level, the First Circuit latches onto the lousy drafting of Section 362(c)(3)(A) to end the automatic stay entirely, 30 days after the second filing within a year.

Bankruptcy Won’t Lift Suspension of a Driver’s License for Failure to Pay Traffic Fines

The government doesn’t violate the automatic stay by refusing to reinstate a driver’s license suspended for failure to pay traffic fines, Judge Surratt-States says.

New Jersey Judges Side with the Minority on Turnover of Repossessed Autos

Split deepens regarding failure to return a repossessed auto as an automatic stay violation.

Invocation of Rooker-Feldman Requires Finality in the State Court Judgment

Rooker-Feldman applies only if the state proceedings have ended before the federal suit is filed, Eleventh Circuit says.

Courts Disagree on the Status of a Supersedeas Bond on the Filing of Bankruptcy

A supersedeas bond and a cash deposit are interchangeable in terms of the rights of a judgment creditor, Judge Sacca says.