Automatic Stay

Recoupment of Social Security Benefit Overpayments Is Barred as a Setoff

Medicaid overpayments may be recovered as ‘recoupment’ while Social Security overpayments are attempted setoffs barred by discharge, Bankruptcy Judge Harwood says.

Fifth Circuit Reaffirms the Use of ‘Gatekeeping’ Orders

As a follow-up to Highland Capital Management, the Fifth Circuit explained when gatekeeping orders are appropriate.

ERISA Claims Resolved in Bankruptcy Court, Not Through Arbitration

With two federal statutes in conflict, Delaware’s Judge Goldblatt found a rebuttable presumption in favor of enforcing arbitration.

A False Certificate of Payment (Temporarily) Barred a Landlord from Evicting

New York’s Judge David Jones explored the intricacies of Section 322(b)(22)’s bar to using bankruptcy to halt eviction.

Actual Notice Is Required for a Plan Injunction to Bind a Creditor

A creditor’s actual knowledge that a bankruptcy case exists isn’t enough for the creditor to be bound by a plan injunction, Delaware’s Judge Silverstein says.

Rooker-Feldman Held Not to Prevent Relitigation of a Denied Exemption

The Supreme Court’s narrowing of Rooker-Feldman is showing up in circuit court opinions.

Modifying the Stay Doesn’t Relinquish Jurisdiction Entirely over the Dispute

In bankruptcy proceedings, formal notice isn’t required if there is actual notice, the Tenth Circuit says.

Lack of Financial Distress Doesn’t Divest a Court of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Two North Carolina Courts have held within two months that the Bankruptcy Clause doesn’t demand ‘financial distress’ to establish subject matter jurisdiction.

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