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Automatic Stay

Bankruptcy Won’t Lift Suspension of a Driver’s License for Failure to Pay Traffic Fines

The government doesn’t violate the automatic stay by refusing to reinstate a driver’s license suspended for failure to pay traffic fines, Judge Surratt-States says.

New Jersey Judges Side with the Minority on Turnover of Repossessed Autos

Split deepens regarding failure to return a repossessed auto as an automatic stay violation.

Invocation of Rooker-Feldman Requires Finality in the State Court Judgment

Rooker-Feldman applies only if the state proceedings have ended before the federal suit is filed, Eleventh Circuit says.

Courts Disagree on the Status of a Supersedeas Bond on the Filing of Bankruptcy

A supersedeas bond and a cash deposit are interchangeable in terms of the rights of a judgment creditor, Judge Sacca says.

Section 108(c) Tolls the Expiration of a Lien, Ninth Circuit Holds over a Dissent

Expiration of a lien is tolled anytime the automatic stay precludes enforcement of a judgment.

Supreme Court Update: Two Bankruptcy Cases in the Running for ‘Cert’

Circuit splits over trademarks and the automatic stay are contenders for resolution in the Supreme Court.

Tenth Circuit Opinion Can Be the Springboard for a ‘Cert’ on the Automatic Stay

Circuit split is widening on whether inaction can be a violation of the automatic stay.

Sixth Circuit Pronounces a Two-Prong Test to Determine ‘Finality’

Appeals court insinuates that denial of a lift-stay motion without prejudice is not appealable.

Debtor Allowed to Convert from Chapter 12 to Chapter 11

Where the courts are split for lack of specific statutory authority, Judge Robert Jones finds discretion to allow conversion from chapter 12 to chapter 11.

Retention of Voluntary Post-Petition Payment Doesn’t Violate the Automatic Stay

A creditor was allowed to keep a voluntary, post-petition payment on a pre-petition debt that the debtor made with non-estate property.