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Automatic Stay

New York’s High Court Splits on Federal Preemption of Tortious Interference Claims

New York Court of Appeals decision opens the door to state court suits against third parties who cause debtors to breach contracts with lenders.

The Debtor in Taggart v. Lorenzen Loses Again after Remand by the Supreme Court

The Ninth Circuit rules that Taggart raised a ‘significantly high hurdle’ before holding a creditor in contempt of the discharge injunction.

Exercise Caution in Electing Remedies Against Someone Who May File Bankruptcy

Sometimes, being too aggressive backfires when the defendant files bankruptcy.

Creditors Lack Standing to Enforce the Automatic Stay in the Ninth Circuit

A subordinate lender lacked appellate standing to appeal the annulment of the automatic stay in favor of a senior lender.

Detroit Judge Criticizes the Second Circuit’s Tribune Decision on the Safe Harbor

The Supreme Court is considering whether to review another case defining the safe harbor in Section 546(e).

Supreme Court Hears Argument in Fulton: Is Inaction an Automatic Stay Violation?

Supreme Court to resolve a circuit split by deciding whether a change in the status quo must occur before the automatic stay is violated.

Unrepentant Lender Slammed with $260,000 in Damages for an ‘Egregious’ Stay Violation

Lender soon recognized that home foreclosure violated the stay but continued denying liability through seven years of litigation.

‘Fair Ground of Doubt’ Under Taggart Isn’t Shown by Intending to Overturn Precedent

The contemnor shoulders the burden of showing ‘uncertainty’ under the Taggart standard for contempt, Judge Barnes says.

First Circuit Won’t Allow a Lien to Be Waived by Implication

Foreclosing on cash doesn’t moot an appeal from the order modifying the automatic stay as to cash.