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Automatic Stay

District Court Overrides Arbitration on Disputes Regarding Defective Proofs of Claim

Someday, the Supreme Court will decide whether bankruptcy has an exemption from arbitration not available in ordinary commercial litigation.

A Michigan Stay Opinion Raises Contempt Issues from the Supreme Court

Does inaction or refusal to turn over estate property absent a turnover order violate the automatic stay?

Seventh Circuit Opinion on Contempt Raises Questions under Taggart

On an appeal involving contempt of the discharge injunction, would the circuit court have reached a different conclusion by employing the standard under Taggart?

Second Circuit Defines a Prohibited Double Recovery on Fraudulent Transfers

There is no prohibited double recovery from multiple defendants, the appeals courts says, until the trustee has recovered cash equaling the value of the fraudulently transferred property.

A ‘Plausible’ Claim for a Discharge Violation Is No Longer Sufficient after Taggart

An Alabama case shows how Taggart heightened the pleading standards for a complaint alleging a violation of the discharge injunction.