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District Court Finds Constitutional Power to Grant Releases in Confirmation Orders

Delaware district judge rules that the bankruptcy court has final adjudicatory power to include third-party releases in confirmation orders.

Insurance Proceeds Are Estate Property, Sometimes

Claims exceeding policy limits convert insurance proceeds into estate property, Fifth Circuit holds.

Bankruptcy Court Still Has Jurisdiction Seven Years After Confirmation

Venue in the bankruptcy court is ok for suits brought under a liquidating plan.

First Circuit Gives Puerto Rico Bondholders a Second Bite at the Apple

Puerto Rico’s toll road bonds don’t have statutory liens, circuit court rules.

Retention of Jurisdiction Beats Out an Arbitration Agreement, Third Circuit Says

Court retains adjudicatory power unless the arbitration agreement applies to all disputes.

Delaware’s Judge Sontchi Writes a Seminal Opinion on Sovereign Immunity

A bankruptcy court’s in rem jurisdiction overrides a claim of sovereign immunity.

Two Courts Seemingly Differ on the Nature of Puerto Rico’s PROMESA Proceedings

Bondholders won a skirmish but may still lose the war with Puerto Rico.