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Specific Personal Jurisdiction Exists over a Foreign Transferee in a Ponzi Scheme

Judge Lafferty lays out the standards for specific personal jurisdiction over a foreign defendant who received stolen property.

No “Related To” Jurisdiction for a Chapter 7 Debtor’s Postpetition Malpractice Claims

A chapter 7 debtor’s postpetition legal malpractice claims are not estate property, BAP says.

Bankruptcy Court Has Constitutional Power to Sanction, Eighth Circuit Rules

Bankruptcy courts have constitutional power to sanction for actions occurring during administration of a bankruptcy case.

Claims Located in the U.S. Make a Foreign Debtor Eligible for Chapter 15

The Second Circuit’s Barnet opinion on Section 109(a)’s requirement of property in the U.S. is satisfied by claims located in the U.S.

Granting or Denying a Homestead Exemption Remains a Final Order in the Ninth Circuit

Bullard did not undermine the automatic appealability of orders granting or denying homestead exemptions.

Automatic Stay Doesn’t Apply to Enforcement of Maritime Liens, Ninth Circuit Says

Filing bankruptcy won’t divest a district court of maritime jurisdiction, and a bankruptcy court can’t adjudicate maritime lien rights.

California District Judge Requires Property in the U.S. to File Chapter 15

A security retainer held by a foreign liquidator’s U.S. counsel satisfies the chapter 15 requirement of property in the U.S.